The GFLedu.org website is part of an initiative spearheaded by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, in partnership with the Broward County Public Schools; a consortium of the county’s private, faith-based, and charter schools; area university presidents; and educational and economic organizations, groups, and individuals. We are united in our belief that the state of education in Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward County is worth talking about and is a topic anyone considering a move to the area wishes to discuss.

Greater Fort Lauderdale’s robust educational system provides a strong foundation for the region’s high quality of life, offering a wide array of programs to meet the individual learning styles of students and their families. Along with high-quality public, independent, and private schools, the region’s colleges, universities, and vocational facilities are committed to creating career opportunities and building a skilled workforce.

This website’s purpose is to provide easy access to top-line data about the county’s educational resources, and a portal to each individual school’s website for more in-depth information. To learn more, contact Randall Deich, Director– Talent Attraction and Education, at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance at 954-627-0128 or email [email protected].


Lori Chevy
Broward County Market President
for Bank of America


Here we share the thoughts of our county’s CEOs, employers, parents, and students about their first-hand experiences with the state of education in Broward County.

  • “The Broward County Public School System has the largest and finest debate program in the nation. Competitive academics are proven to increase student performance, and no one does it better than Broward.”

    Senator George LeMieux – Chairman of the Board, Gunster Law Firm
  • “Marian Wright Edelman, a children’s rights advocate, said ‘Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it,’ which is demonstrated by the graduates of Broward County schools. Broward County high school graduates are workforce ready, easing the hiring needs of the business community. For those graduates who continue their education, they are primed for success in college, and enthused to return to Broward County upon graduation.”

    Joseph Goldstein – Partner, Shutts & Bowen LLP
  • “Providing access to quality education, while offering resources that help our youth succeed, is a key component of our efforts to strengthen the economic future of Broward County. Bank of America strongly supports the efforts by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance to connect and engage with our youth and offer them opportunities to grow and flourish as young adults.”

    Lori Chevy – Broward County market president for Bank of America
  • “There are numerous education opportunities in Greater Fort Lauderdale for all ages, including specific programs addressing the needs of industries such as aviation, life sciences, and technology.”

    Sam Robbin – President & CEO, National Jets
  • “My two children have been given such an unbelievable opportunity within the Weston Public Schools to truly thrive and, as parents, we have been provided such amazing resources to ensure they have a defined path to not only the next level, but a clear direction to scholarships, advanced curriculum, and technology that top universities are looking for in their enrollment.  The road to success is clear, and as a proud AutoNation associate, we are always looking for driven individuals and our schools make for a fun and engaging trip to that destination.”

    Jonathan Wolfe – Senior Director, Audit Services, AutoNation
  • “I have been so impressed with the commitment of Nova Southeastern University and Broward College to work with our company and our industry to tailor programming to meet the unique needs of our workforce.”

    James Donnelly – CEO, Castle Group
  • “As a business owner in South Florida for 35 years, having a pipeline of top talent is essential to our business success. I am proud to say Broward County is among the best in the country in training the next generation of workers in our community. We are honored to work alongside the school district in supporting their roofing and solar needs.”

    Rob Kornahrens – President, Advanced Roofing Inc
  • “In Broward County, we are very proud of the quality of our schools and are really excited about the direction and progress being made. The business community really values our Broward County Public Schools and we got behind the half mil tax increase to go to teacher’s salaries because of our trust in our school leaders. That says a lot.”

    Keith Koenig – CEO, City Furniture
  • “Our highly rated public and private schools, as well as our dynamic colleges and universities, offer an exceptional array of educational opportunities for students and families. Waste Management is proud to support recycling and environmental initiatives in our schools.”

    Tim Hawkins – President, Waste Management